Weather Closing Info

Fabiano's Karate

Fabiano’s Karate Closure Information

We Close Under Our Own Guidelines. We May Not Follow What Local School Districts Are Doing.

We may close for the following conditions: Power Outage, Extreme Severe Weather (Tornado Warning, Blizzard Conditions, etc.), Natural Disaster.

In the case of extreme weather or another severe issue, please make sure to watch the Fabiano’s Karate Facebook & Twitter pages ( and the Fabiano’s Karate Website (on our homepage).  We’ll also send out a mass email to notify you! All of the above stations will also post the closing lists on their websites.

How do we notify you?

  1. Mass E-Mail of All Students (It is important that we have an up to date e-mail address. We can send it to multiple e-mail addresses upon request).
  2. Posting on our website homepage
  3. Posting on our Facebook and Twitter account

We will do our best to decide on a closing no later than 3PM for our weekday classes. Weekend classes will be cancelled with as much notice as possible.

Please remember that we are not here during the day, so messages will not be answered until after 5PM. We will always post our closings. If you do not see something posted, we are OPEN.

Please refrain from calling us to ask if we are closed. Please check the above methods as those are the first places we post.