Billing Policies

Common Billing Practices

Billing Policies

These billing policies are the same that are found in the Membership Agreement, Class Rules, and EFT/Account Forms. Transparency is our goal at Fabiano’s Karate!

Taken from our Membership Agreement that all students must sign to participate in classes:

The Member acknowledges that he/she is paying for a membership, not a specified number of classes, and that no refund will be given if the Member does not attend the classes or if the Member fails to come in and sign a cancellation form. The Member acknowledges that notice must be given fifteen (15) business days prior to the payment date for all electronic funds transfer (EFT) based payments. The Member realizes that any membership change, resulting or not resulting in a billing change, must fill out a request for membership change prior to the payment date; fifteen (15) days prior to payment date if using the electronic funds transfer method. The Member acknowledges that authorizing a membership change does not affect this membership Agreement.

Added: May 5th, 1981 | Last Updated: May 5th, 1981

Taken from our Class Rules:

Billing Information: Please remember that for all auto-pay (or Electronic Funds Transfer) accounts, 15 day written notice is required to do any of the following: Change of Bank Account, Freeze/Hold Payment, Update Bank Information (name on bank account, address, etc.), Account Termination, etc.  Please note that you must come into the karate school and fill out a specific paper for the change you want to do. If a form is not filled out at least 15 days prior to the payment drafting date, no refund will be given.

Added: May 31st, 2012 | Last Updated: May 31st, 2012

Taken from our EFT Form:

Accountholder further understands that this authorization will remain in full force and effect until Fabiano's Karate receives written notice of its termination or alteration within the allotted notice time of 15 days prior to payment date. The allotted notice time window applies to cancellations, alterations, or any Bank Account changes. Accountholder by execution of this agreement waives any right to receive advance notice of the deducation associated with the services provided by Fabiano's Karate and further authorizes a service charge of $25.00 for each returned, unpaid or declined transaction from the Bank as well as authorizes the charge of any other fees and charges to be paid under this agreement.

Added: April 16th, 1990 | Last Updated: May 14th, 2011

Taken from our Cancellation Form:

I understand that this is a cancellation of my bank draft authorization only and that it does not release me from any obligation that I may have with Fabiano’s Karate and Fitness Center Inc. I understand that if this form was not filled out 15 days prior to my payment being drafted, I am in no way entitled to a refund.

Added: April 18th, 1990 | Last Updated: April 18th, 1990

Taken from our Membership Change Form:

I understand that this is a change of Membership Agreement and does not cancel my relationship with
Fabiano’s Karate & Fitness Center, Inc. I understand that this notice must be filled out fifteen (15) days prior to my billing date to avoid being charged the original amount. I understand that no refund will be given if I do not have the Notification of Membership Change paperwork in fifteen (15) days prior to the payment due date.

Added: September 15th, 2009 | Last Updated: September 15th, 2009