Children’s Karate

Classes for children starting at 7 years old!

Is Karate Right for Your Child?

Can you find your son/daughter, in any of these situations:

 – Nicole, age 11, used to be confident…ready to take on the world.  But after starting middle school, she seems like a different person: hesitant and unsure of herself.

– Billy’s mom, Barbra, worries because Billy is so easily wounded. Things said to him by the other kids at school hurt his feelings so easily. Billy’s hyper-sensitivity is a constant source of stress for Barbra.

– The peace of the household is frequently disturbed.  Everything is a battle: getting ready for school; dinnertime;  homework;  even things that used to be enjoyable family activities are now potential battles. Screaming matches occur on a regular basis.

– Kim is so concerned about being popular. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, worry that this will make her an easy target for negative peer pressure.

– Kyle, age 4, does great when he gets it right the first time when learning something new.  When he doesn’t get it on the first try, though, he becomes totally frustrated and says, “I’ll never be able to do it!”

We get positive responses everyday from parents of these children:

– Nicole’s confidence has grown tremendously since earning her Green Belt. Mrs. Boersma, her teacher, has just called to say that Nicole can now stand up in front of the class in school and confidently speak.  Mom and Dad are shocked and surprised.

– Billy said, “Mom, the kids were saying mean things to me at school today.” Mom thinks, “Oh no, here we go again.” — and says, “Well, how did you handle it?” Mom breathes a sigh of relief when he says, “It’s no big deal.  Their words can’t hurt me. I learned that in Karate class!”

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